Monday July 04, 2022

ITP issues traffic plan amid PTI’s Long March

May 26, 2022

Islamabad : The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) on Wednesday issued a traffic plan for the convenience of the general public ahead of PTI’s long march towards the federal capital.

The entry and exit points to the Red Zone have been closed at Ayub Chowk, NADRA Chowk, Express Chowk, and Serena Chowk .

Those who wish to enter or exit the Red Zone can only use Margalla roads.

Ataturk Avenue has been closed from Nazim ud Din T-Cross to Geo Chowk, advising the commuters to use 7th Avenue to reach their destinations. Nazim ud Din Road has been closed from Zoom petrol pump to Ataturk Avenue and Jinnah Avenue has been blocked from China Chowk to Express Chowk, the commuters are advised to use Margalla Road as an alternative route.

Murree Road is blocked for both sides of traffic towards Faizabad from Rawalpindi, the commuters can use Islamabad Expressway as an alternative route.

Islamabad Expressway has been closed for incoming traffic to Islamabad at the Gulburg Green Bridge and the commuters are advised to use Rawalpindi-Peshawar Road to reach their destination. The authorities have set up tight security measures across Islamabad’s sensitive points. Law enforcement agencies will also conduct security checks on the people travelling to or from the federal capital.

In order to meet any eventuality during the PTI Long March on May 25 in Islamabad, the city administration requested Capital Development Authority (CDA) to place 08 Ambulances along with Para Medical Staff at the disposal of Islamabad Police for further deployment as per the security plan.

In view of the prevailing situation of Islamabad, the city administration has also ordered that no one with any weapon be seen in close vicinity of any large gathering. The armed personnel/bodyguards whether with public office holders/MNAs/MPAs or private persons were also ordered not to carry weapons or firearms inside revenue limits of Islamabad as Section 144 CrPC has been imposed by the authorities.