Thursday August 11, 2022

‘Memories of Japan’ on display at Ejaz Art Galleries

By Our Correspondent
May 17, 2022

LAHORE:Kon’nichiwa (Memories of Japan), a tribute exhibition of the masterpieces of internationally renowned great artist of Pakistan late Shahid Jalal, was inaugurated at Ejaz Art Galleries, by another living legend of the country Syed Baber Ali, here on Monday evening.

Shahid Jalal, a chartered accountant by profession and an artist by heart, could never reconcile with the world of wealth since art was his wealth from the very start of his professional career. He left his brilliant career of a chartered accountant and took admission to NCA.

In the words of Ayesha Jalal, his illustrious sister, “Shahid had made his place in the art world regardless of what snobbish art critics thought of his work. But he was unsatisfied, noting that if he had timer to take in more of landscape, the better his paintings would be.” According to one of the most celebrated artists, art teachers and art critics Ijaz ul Hassan, “Shahid Jalal was among the few painters who seldom repeated themselves. He always strived to explore new challenges traveling beyond his trodden path.”

Shahid Jalal’s present exhibition housing 25 paintings of his works in Japan shows that Shahid was in love with Japanese landscape. The flower laden trees with cherry flowers in white, red, yellow and pink are a depiction of a fairyland, felt by the core of his heart & soul and then transformed on the canvas with his unmatchable skills. Ejaz Art Galleries initiative is a memorable and remarkable feat for the eyes of the artists, art students, art lovers and general public alive, which converged at the venue in great numbers to pay tributes to this grandmaster of the art of landscape.