Thursday September 28, 2023

No-trust motion claims first scalp: PM Imran Khan dumps Usman Buzdar, anoints Pervaiz Elahi Punjab CM

Shahbaz Gill said the PMLQ had announced support to the PM on the no-trust motion, adding all opposition plans regarding the motion would be frustrated and they would get nothing out of it

March 29, 2022
No-trust motion claims first scalp: PM Imran Khan dumps Usman Buzdar, anoints Pervaiz Elahi Punjab CM

ISLAMABAD: Surprises in the wake of moving of no-confidence resolution in the National Assembly started springing up on Monday, and the first one was Prime Minister Imran Khan asking Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar to tender resignation, and nominating PMLQ’s Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi in his place to lead the provincial government.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) Dr Shahbaz Gill and State Minister for Information Farrukh Habib shared the development about Buzdar’s resignation, saying that the PMLQ had announced support to the prime minister on the no-trust motion. Gill said all opposition plans regarding no-confidence motion would be foiled, and they would get nothing out of it.

However, Pervaiz Elahi nomination as the CM had its fallout as well for the PMLQ, as its Federal Minister Tariq Bashir Cheema resigned from the cabinet and announced giving vote against the PM. He said this during a Geo News show. His unexpected resignation triggered speculations about rift in the PMLQ and differences among the Chaudhrys of Gujrat. Cheema resigned after taking PMLQ supremo Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain into confidence.

Earlier, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi led a delegation of his party and met the PM, wherein the latter informed that he had taken resignation from Buzdar and had named him as the chief minister of Punjab.

PMLQ leader expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister and said God willing, he would come up to his expectations and serve the people of province selflessly. As regards reports of differences and rift in the PMLQ, Chaudhry Shujaat’s son Chaudhry Salik Hussain, MNA, denied outright any such developments in the party or the family. Moreover, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi’s son Moonis Elahi also denied any such thing and sounded optimistic that Cheema would also be convinced to review his decision.

Separately, Opposition leader in the National Assembly and President PMLN Shehbaz Sharif, former president Asif Ali Zardari, Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, President PDM and chief of JUIF Maulana Fazlur Rehman and President BNP-Mengal Sardar Akhtar Mengal addressed a press conference.

In reply to a question regarding the opposition reaction on Imran Khan’s speech, in which he claimed an international conspiracy against his government and use of local politicians, Shehbaz said Imran Khan should first submit his reply in the foreign funding case, as he himself had violated the Pakistani laws.

He said if there was foreign intervention against Pakistan, then he should bring it before the Parliament and challenged him to give the evidence on it. Then he would stand with him, he added.

Asif Zardari said the opposition could serve the people of Balochistan. He said the existence of Pakistan and Balochistan were interlinked. In reply to a question, Asif Zardari said: “We will make Shehbaz Sharif the prime minister soon.”

PDM President Maulana Fazlur Rehman said Imran Khan had become a "burden" on his "masters" who had "made" the prime minister. "Imran Khan should cry over his failures. “It was the US, Israel, and Europe's mistake to impose him on Pakistan," he said. He said he welcomed Khalid Magsi and the National Assembly members from Balochistan who decided to side with the opposition.

BNP-Mengal chief Akhtar Mengal said that the incumbent government ignored Balochistan. Instead of focusing on provincial problems, its leadership was ridiculed, he alleged.

Separately, Asif Zardari expressed his optimism about the success of no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying he was seeing success of the no-confidence motion. His response came in a reply to question following the adjournment of the session of the National Assembly.

Asked about the role of Speaker National Assembly, Asif Ali Zardari said the speaker did what he had to do. Asked whether he feels that a conspiracy was being hatched against Imran Khan, Zardari responded with a smiling face with a counter question to the journalist, “Did you think so.”