Monday August 15, 2022

Two killed in clash over land dispute

December 08, 2021

Rawalpindi : Another gun battle between armed gangs of two housing societies claimed two lives while two people sustained multiple bullet injuries at Rajhar located in the jurisdiction of Chauntra Police Station, Tuesday, the police, quoting eyewitnesses, said.

The police, however, reached the scene and rounded up some suspects involved in the shooting, police said.

The residents of the area claimed that the police have failed to perform their role to counter such incidents for the safety and protection of the people.

The people who witnessed told the media that armed men of both the housing societies opened fire on Tuesday morning and gunned down two persons and wounded two others.

“The gunmen kept firing with lethal weapons without any resistance from the law enforcement agencies,” the people of the area maintained, adding, however, the gunmen disappeared from the scene on arrival of a police party.

“Five people including three men and two women were killed in the previous clash between the same groups,” the locals said.

The police have shifted bodies and wounded persons to a nearby hospital where one of the two injured is in precarious condition while the condition of the other is stable.