Saturday January 22, 2022

In shock

December 08, 2021

People have been active in condemning the brutal attack on a Sri Lankan citizen on social media. A number of political leaders have also done so, but truth be told: condemnation is not enough. It is time that concrete steps are taken to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. Instead of simply rendering lip service, the government should put aside its political affiliations and ensure that those who partook this barbarous murder are punished according to the law at the earliest possible.

Religious scholars from all schools of thought should come forward to denounce this madness. All Muslim countries should also collectively condemn this criminal act to send a clear message around the world that Islam is a religion of love and peace and those who commit such atrocities will not be forgiven.

Aamir Aqil



The lynching of a man in Sialkot has shaken the whole nation. The prime minister has rightly called it a shameful day for Pakistan. However, such incidents are not new in the country; many people have been killed on mere allegations of blasphemy. Murdering someone without proving him/her guilty in the court of law is not only grossly inhumane but also against the teachings Islam.

One feels that the state’s repeated capitulation in front of religious elements has emboldened them and their likes to take the law into their hands whenever they want. If the state has failed to establish its writ, we may soon lose our status as a nation and turn into an unruly mob.

Abdul Basit Ranjha