Wednesday January 19, 2022

Kishwar’s Buri Aurat Ki Doosri Katha receives high accolade

December 06, 2021

Islamabad: It is over two years now that the COVID-19 hit people all over the world. And those were, and still are the most testing times as the pandemic continues to raise its ugly head like a monster, changing its face again and again not ready to be tamed.

People were infected and affected in many forms, economically, physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally. To put it simply, these are the traumatic times. But Kishwar Nahid, the famous poet, writer, columnist and women rights activist, who herself underwent physical and emotional agony when she also got infected by the virus, in an entirely different way!

While confined to her room with nobody to take care of her except one servant (who very sadly took brutal advantage of the situation) she got physically weak but her mind and soul lifted to new heights as she quietly observed the world from different dimensions.

While people have been reading her columns and poetry in leading newspaper (Jang) she was quietly penning down her thoughts, feelings and emotions and when the book came out, many was surprised. Pleasantly indeed!

The formal book launching ceremony organized by the Indus Forum of Writers & Intellectuals (IFWI) in collaboration with the National Press Club (NPC) in Islamabad on Friday evening, was expected to be a well-attended event. But the number of people, enthusiasts in fact, who turned up was unusual and the seating arrangements (without COVID SOPs obviously except the first row) became inadequate. Quite a few guests were seen standing in the space that was reserved actually for serving tea at the end of the function. There were many who were keen to express their thoughts and experiences about Kishwar Nahid and her works included but because of paucity of time not only the number of speakers were restricted but they were asked to be precise in their deliberations and not to infringe on the time reserved for others! Surprisingly almost everyone adhered to the ‘request’!