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Growers in Punjab advised to use certified seeds to get better wheat yield

December 03, 2021
Growers in Punjab advised to use certified seeds to get better wheat yield

MULTAN: The Punjab Agriculture Department Thursday advised growers to use only certified seeds for wheat crop to get better yield. The agriculture experts have recommended Dilkash21-, Subhani21-, MH21, Akbar19, Ghazi19, Bhakkar Star, Grain 2017, Zankol 2016, Borlaug 2016 and Ajala 2016 for irrigated areas and Gold 2016, Johar 2016, Aas 2011, Millat 2011 for all south Punjab districts.

The department has asked wheat growers to use Faisalabad 2008 for saline areas across The experts advised framers to complete wheat cultivation in Punjab and the water deficient areas by 1st to 10th December and use 50 to 55 kg seed per acre from 1st to 10th December.

The department has asked the growers that the seed germination rate should not be less than 85pc. Among the various diseases of wheat, rust, Karnal Bunt, Wheat Blast and Akhira are more harmful which cause loss in production. Apply thiophanate methyl at the rate of 2.5 gm per kg of seed or Imidacloprid and Tabu Kona Zol at the rate of 4 ml per kg of seed before sowing.

They are told that it is best to use a rotating drum to poison the seed. If this is not available, put the weighted seed and the recommended poison in a plastic bag, cover the mouth of the sack and hold it on both sides so that the seed is well shaken. In case of poisoning, keep the sack about half full. In order to get a good yield of wheat, it is very important that the field is ready and smooth.

Plow the field twice or thrice and wherever it is necessary to level the land with the help of e-laser levelers. When the time for sowing is near, plow and harrow before sunrise. Repeating this process 2 or 3 times will destroy the weeds and increase the moisture in the soil.