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43pc see inflation as No 1 issue of country: survey

By News Desk
November 24, 2021
43pc see inflation as No 1 issue of country: survey

ISLAMABAD: As many as 43 per cent Pakistanis have declared inflation as the No 1 and most troubling issue of the country. As many as 14 per cent have termed joblessness, whereas 12 per cent call poverty the most important and troubling issue. Those who say the country is going in the wrong direction reached pinnacle in 27 months. As many as 87 per cent expressed reservations on the country’s direction, whereas 13 per cent termed the country’s direction correct.

Pakistanis did not believe in the government claims on economic betterment and 46 per cent termed the economic condition weak. Only 5 per cent declared the economic condition correct. On economic betterment in the future, 64 per cent Pakistanis showed disappointment. These points were highlighted in the fourth quarterly report on Consumer Confidence Index, released by the research company Ipsos. As many as 1,100 people participated in the survey which was conducted in November 2021.

According to the Ipsos, in the last survey, 26 per cent Pakistanis had declared inflation as the biggest issue of the country and 17 per cent have added to this number. According to the survey, those declaring the coronavirus the most important issue were reduced from 18 per cent to 8 per cent.

Five percent Pakistanis termed the tax burden, 4pc rupee devaluation, 3pc power tariff hikes, 2pc corruption, bribery and nepotism the biggest issue of the country. About 2pc viewed power loadshedding, 1pc interference of departments in each other’s affairs, while 1pc called discrimination in the enforcement of law the most serious issue.

The survey revealed that people listed inflation and economic problems on top of all issues. It also noted that rising prices and unemployment remained most serious issues of people. When asked about the country overall direction, 87 percent Pakistanis said it was wrong, while 13 percent were of view it was okay.

According to Ipsos, the percentage of the Pakistanis who said the country’s direction was wrong is the highest in 27 months. About the current economic condition of the country, 49 percent Pakistanis said it was so-so, but 46 percent were clear in their answer and said it was weak. Whereas, five percent said the country’s economic condition was strong.

When asked about improvement in the economic situation in the next six months, 64 percent they don’t see that, while 12 percent were hopeful that economy would improve. Twenty-four percent were neither hopeful nor disappointed.

When asked about their personal financial situation, 47 percent Pakistanis said in the report it was weak and unstable, while 05 percent answered it was strong. However, 48 percent said their personal financial condition was neither weak nor strong. According to Ipsos, there was an increase of 20 percent in the people who observed the financial condition as weak after June 2021. About the improvement in the personal financial condition in the next six months, 63 percent feared it will remain weak. However, 13 percent were hopeful it would get better. Twenty-four percent were so-so in their answer.