Saturday December 04, 2021

Locals protest as villager killed in firing incident

October 21, 2021

PESHAWAR: A villager was killed and a security personnel was wounded in a firing incident that occurred when the police raided a house in Urmar after hearing gunshots at a wedding ceremony late Tuesday night.

Superintendent of Police, Saddar, Waqar Ahmad told reporters that a joint search operation was being conducted in Urmar late Tuesday night.

“On returning from the search operation, the SHO and the party heard gunshots at a wedding ceremony in the area. When the cops entered the place, one person, carrying a semi-automatic rifle, tried to escape while opening fire,” said SP Saddar.

A security personnel was injured in the firing incident, he said, adding, some persons at the wedding party also resorted to open fire and killed the armed villager, who was trying to escape by scaling the wall.

Locals in Urmar later placed the body of the deceased villager outside the police station and attacked the police vehicle. They demanded action against the SHO and other cops.

The issue was later resolved after a roznamcha was lodged against the SHO and other cops.