Friday October 22, 2021

ANP leader says PTI govt reneged on all pledges

October 14, 2021

MARDAN: Awami National Party central Vice-President Ameer Haider Hoti on Wednesday said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government had rendered about six million people jobless.

He was addressing ANP workers, who had staged a sit-in at Bacha Khan Chowk. The sit-in started at 8am and continued till 6pm. A large number of ANP activists attended the sit-in. ANP district President Syed Jamal Bacha, General Secretary Haroon Khan, City President Abbas Sani, Jamal Nasir, Javed Yousafzai, former district nazim Himayatullah Mayar, Bin Yamin and other office-bearers also spoke on the occasion.

Haider Hoti said the prices of medicines had registered a 300 percent increase while the rates of essential commodities had gone up by 200 to 300 percent. He said the government had compounded the problems of the have-nots, who were unable to arrange a two-time meal for their children. He said the poor could not feed their children in the face of backbreaking inflation.

The former chief minister said that rising inflation coupled with record unemployment left many people destitute.

The PTI government, he said, had failed on all fronts. “It is the responsibility of the government to provide health, education and employment to the people,” he maintained. The prime minister had promised 10 million jobs but his flawed policies had rendered six million people jobless, he noted with concern. He recalled the ones, who promised to establish five million houses, had made countless people homeless.