Saturday October 23, 2021

Option zero

September 28, 2021

This refers to the article ‘A cleric vs a newsman’ by Ghazi Salahuddin (September 26). Afghans have suffered immensely during the last many decades. As such, it is right for Pakistan to help the new Afghan government and also to plead with the world to provide it all possible assistance. The world must also give the Taliban government time and space to implement the reforms that the rest of the world, including Pakistan, expect from it. However, this help must be contingent upon the new Afghan government showing seriousness about forming an inclusive government. The Taliban government must take visible steps which prove its intention to introduce, over time, an enlightened form of Islam, unlike the version imposed decades earlier. Also, the government must deal firmly with extremist elements, at home and in Afghanistan, instead of just appeasing them while being intolerant towards journalists.

S R H Hashmi