Monday October 18, 2021

Chaos in cricket

September 16, 2021

While the world’s cricket teams are playing matches to finalise their playing eleven for the upcoming T20 World Cup, Pakistan's national team is dealing with multiple controversies. The Pakistan Cricket Board's (PCB's) head coaches resigned a few weeks ago.

Also, the appointment of the top slot in the PCB has always been controversial. A lack of transparency for this position has led to high politicking in the PCB, and as a result, our cricket team’s performance falters. The PTI used to talk a lot about merit and professionalism in cricket, but the situation seems no different from before as Ramiz Raja was handpicked as chairman of PCB at a wrong time. Cricket lovers from across the country want to see the game flourish with selections and appointments made on merit. One wonders why the haste in making this change at such a critical time. Now there is confusion and chaos with the newly appointed chairman, who wants the nation to wait for months before change under his vision will be visible. One wonders who is responsible for ensuring the selection of the team on merit and its performance in the World Cup next month?

Raja Shafaatullah