Sunday November 28, 2021

Changing weather conditions attract visitors to recreational spots

September 06, 2021

Rawalpindi: The change in weather conditions have started attracting visitors to the recreational spots in the twin cities after a spell of hot months coupled with rising cases of coronavirus disease.

Aslan Awan, a vendor at Ayub Park, said “The number of visitors has increased considerably during the daytime after a change in weather. Now more and more people are coming that is why we are doing a good business these days.”

Iftikhar Ahmad, a visitor at Ayub Park, said “When I came here with my family in July the weather conditions were quite hot. We were not able to visit many places of the park. But now the weather is changing day by day and it is time to enjoy the recreational spots apart from hustle and bustle of the main city.”

The situation is quite similar at recreational spots in the federal capital where more visitors are coming during the day time. The rush was also seen at the walking trails in the afternoon that has not been the case for the last many months.

Usman Khan, a visitor, said “The hot days and persistent power loadshedding had made the lives so difficult. Now we have almost got rid of loadshedding and are also able to enjoy changing weather at the recreational spots.”