Tuesday September 21, 2021

Extra care

August 02, 2021

This refers to news report ‘Corona deaths triple since Eid’ (July 30). No one can deny the presence of coronavirus in the country and the number of deaths caused by its spread, but at the same time we saw a picture displayed on this newspaper’s page in which we saw that thousands of people were standing outside Karachi’s Expo Centre waiting for their turn to get vaccinated. No one was maintaining the mandatory six-foot distance and some were not even wearing face masks. The Sindh government has imposed a complete lockdown in Karachi and ordered the complete shutdown of businesses. However, traders have rejected this order and the Centre has also supported the traders. A couple of weeks back, we witnessed how all political parties attracted huge crowds in their rallies during the campaigns for the AJK elections. A valid question is being asked: why are these huge gatherings not seen as a potential Covid-19 hotspot? On the other hand, the government is quite active when it comes to shutting down schools and businesses.

There is a dire need on the part of the government to revise its strategy for dealing with the coronavirus. What is needed is extra precaution. What is required is to ensure that all businesses are following SOPs.

Mukhtar Ahmed