Friday September 24, 2021

Many drains in Gurumandir deliberately choked, says DMC

July 26, 2021

Choking points of rainwater drains and nullahs in District East are being cleared by the District Municipal Corporation (DMC) East in the wake of monsoon rain warning by the Pakistan Meteorological Department.

This was said in a statement issued by the DMC East on Sunday. The statement read that under the supervision of DMC East Municipal Director Rao Shamshad, rubble was being removed from different nullahs and small rainwater drains under the DMC's jurisdiction.

The DMC East claimed that rainwater drains and nullahs were being cleaned in the district on a daily basis with the emphasis on clearing the choking points. Under the supervision of Superintendent Engineer Civil Works Syed Azhar Hussain Shah and Executive Engineer Salmanur Rehman Memon, various nullahs in the Gurumandir, Tipu Sultan Road and Mehmoodabad areas were cleaned, the statement read.

The DMC, however, also claimed that there was proof that several choking points had deliberately been created in various rain drains of the Gurumandir area. In the Gurumandir drains, the statement read, cemented slabs were placed inside in order to choke them. Several such choking points were cleared along Jehangir Road. Officials of the DMC East appealed to the residents of District East to not throw garbage into the rainwater drains.