Sunday September 26, 2021

Mudslides in Tajikistan leave at least 10 dead

July 21, 2021

DUSHANBE: Mudslides in Tajikistan have left 10 people dead and two missing, officials said on Tuesday, in the latest fatal mass flow of earth caused by downpours in the impoverished ex-Soviet region.

“There has been torrential rain in the north of Tajikistan and a fatal mudslide occurred,” the emergencies committee said in a statement.

It said flows of earth on Monday swept through the northern Sogd region, trapping people tending to livestock.

“During search operations rescuers removed the bodies of eight shepherds from under the mud masses. The search for two more continues,” the emergency services said. The bodies of two women were also recovered from debris in a village in the region, where mudflows destroyed several homes, it added. The emergency services said the landslide in the northern region rendered rural roads impassable and pulled down power lines.