Thursday December 02, 2021

PDM meeting will discuss inviting PPP, ANP after Eid

By Ali Raza
May 12, 2021

LAHORE: The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is likely to invite the Pakistan’s People's Party (PPP) and Awami National Party (ANP) to join the movement (PDM) again.

The final decision of inviting the PPP and ANP will be taken in the PDM’s steering committee meeting to be held after Eid-ul-Fitr. This was decided during a telephonic conversation held between PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and PDM’s President Maulana Fazlur Rehman here on Tuesday. Party sources said the three leaders held detailed consultations on important points to send the government home as well as the future strategies of the PDM. It was also decided that the PDM’s anti-government movement will immediately be started after Eid-ul-Fitr, the sources said.

It was further decided that Shahbaz Sharif will hold meetings with the leaders of the parties, which were part of the PDM. Shahbaz Sharif will play a central role in the upcoming PDM’s movement, the sources said, adding the three leaders agreed to go to court against the FIA's barring Shahbaz Sharif from going abroad.

After Eid-ul-Fitr, the PDM's steering committee’s meeting will be held and will discuss invitations to the ANP and PPP. The three leaders agreed that if the issues were resolved, the PPP and ANP would rejoin the PDM after Eid.

The three leaders also discussed the agenda of the PDM’s upcoming steering committee meeting, the sources said and maintained that Shahbaz Sharif suggested to include the Kashmir issue in the PDM agenda. He suggested that the Kashmir issue should be made an important part of the PDM’s anti-government movement.

Talking to The News, PML-N Punjab Spokesperson, Azma Bukhari, has said the telephonic conversation between the three leaders was not a new thing.

Over a question that instead of Maryam Nawaz, now Shahbaz Sharif will play a dominant role in the PDM, Azma said that Shahbaz Sharif was the PMLN President and it was a natural thing that he will be in the limelight. She said Maryam Nawaz will continue to play her role in the PDM and will assist the party President Shahbaz Sharif in all issues.

Replying to a question that the PDM is going to offer PPP and ANP to rejoin the movement, she said Maulana Fazlur Rehman is the President of PDM and he was already in touch with the PPP and ANP over the issue. She said a week back, a delegation of PPP had already met the Maulana at his residence.

Azma said reopening of a 20 years old closed case against Shahbaz Sharif was nothing but politics of revenge of the present government. “NAB closed a 20 years old inquiry against Chaudhry brothers,” she said, adding but it was reopening an already decided case against Shahbaz Sharif on the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

She warned the FIA not to become a part of the NAB-Niazi nexus. “Shehzad Akbar is playing the role of Imran Khan's secretary,” she said, adding he was getting Imran Khan embarrassed at every forum.

“Hudaibiya Paper Mills case was also opened by Musharraf. Musharraf fled to Dubai while conducting an inquiry against Shahbaz Sharif and today he does not dare enter Pakistan,” Azma said.

Azma said that Imran Khan’s future will not be different from Musharraf. Chaudhry brothers had left Musharraf alone in difficult times, Azma said and added that we will do the same with Prime Minister Imran Khan and he will have to face the wrath of the people.