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Educational institutions to open tomorrow

January 31, 2021

SUKKUR: Federal Minister for Education, Professional Training and National Heritage Shafqat Mehmood Saturday said the time had come to open the educational institutions.

Speaking at a ceremony, he said from 1st February, all educational institutions would be opened. He said the nation could not afford the closure of educational institutions anymore because they had suffered much due to the COVID-19. He said there will be periodical meetings to review the COVID-19 situation. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan loved all provinces but he loved Sindh the most.

He said Sindh was rich in natural resources as well as archaeological sites and was contributing much revenue to Pakistan.

He said the scale of corruption had increased in Pakistan because the past rulers only focused on corruption.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had pledged to hold the corrupt mafia accountable and he will not step back because of the sit-ins and demonstrations of the opposition.

He said the government was highly committed to conserving and preserving the national heritage and culture.

He said Pakistan’s heritage was the real asset to the nation and it was responsibility of the government as well as the nation to promote the national heritage.

He said it was imperative to protect the heritage and civilisation for future generation. He said the Talpur dynasty of Khairpur had rendered marvelous services in protection of the national heritage.

Shafqat said PM Imran Khan was focused on promotion of our national heritage and motivating foreigners to visit Pakistan.

He said Pakistan was rich in natural resources and cultural heritage. He said the government was taking on board all provinces to bring a single national curriculum.

He said the purpose behind the single curriculum was to invoke reasoning and creativity in the students.

He said the new academic year will now start in August 2021 due to extension in examination dates which will be held in May/June.

He said the federal education ministry in consultation with provincial governments and other stakeholders had developed single national curriculum (SNC) from Pre-1 to Grade 5 which would be followed by all public and private schools across the country from next academic year.

The minister also visited Faiz Mahal Khairpur, Kot Diji fort, Masoom Shah Jo Menaro, Moen jo Daro and other sites.