Thursday December 02, 2021

Ex-SAPM terms submission of resignations blunder like MRD did in 1985

December 11, 2020

LAHORE: Former special assistant to Prime Minister Pervaiz Saleh has said that submission of resignations would be a blunder similar to what MRD parties did in 1985 elections and later repented it.

Saleh, one of the prominent members of PPP resistance politics, stated that the boycott of 1985 elections by then opposition had left the field open to a new breed of non-political class, which led to degradation in politics.

He opined that he supported Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan’s point of view about resignation from assemblies. Commenting on proposed resignations by PDM legislators, Saleh said that PPP is the biggest stakeholder (having its government in Sindh) and has a lot to lose if this boycott is decided upon and carried out. He said that it could even be hazardous for not just all the political parties but the public in general as well, who are represented in the Parliament and the provincial assemblies presently.

He added that PDM should not take such risks, given its recent experiences such as the vote of no confidence against the Senate chairman. And some legislators have vested interests, playing in someone else's hands, dancing to their tunes for various reasons as our history proves that. Such dissensions could become scandalous for the PDM and would be a setback for their movement, he added. Needless to say, he said that resignation from the legislative forums should be the last resort, when the PDM movement is at its zenith and the government’s fall is inevitable.