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Family reconciles with converted girls from Ghotki

By Our Correspondent
June 06, 2020

LAHORE:Raveena and Rina, the two Hindu sisters from Ghotki, who married two Muslim men from Punjab who they came to know through phone, have finally been accepted by their family who have reconciled with their marriages, the girls said.

The girls' family could not be reached for confirmation, denial or comments. Raveena has a son now. The girls, now Muslim, have adjusted to the new way of life and seem quite happy. Both girls are living with the men’s first wives, the men had not declared at the time of the marriage. Their first wives strongly protested when the marriage of Raveena and Reena came to the fore nearly a year ago that their husbands did not seek their consent before contracting the second marriage. However, the newly converted brides say they are living in harmony with the new family.