Friday May 20, 2022

Project to connect people to companies

By Our Correspondent
March 20, 2020

LAHORE:On Thursday, amidst the growing concern about coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan, the Salman Sufi Foundation has launched its ‘#StepUp’ project which aims to connect families with the producers/companies of essential items that may not be available in the market due to scarcity and hoarding concerns.

The foundation will directly connect the relevant individual to the factory or source of the item. The foundation can currently connect people to the factories that have ghee, cooking oil, rice, flour and toilet papers. The prices of these products are comparatively cheaper than the existing market rate as well.

Talking to The News, Salman Sufi said “The process to get these products for their household is quite simple and convenient. An email needs to be where a representative of the foundation will give a prompt response regarding the request initiated by the individual and will connect the individual to the relevant company. In case of any queries and further discussion, individuals may call at the foundation’s temporary helpline number at 0308-2935454.