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Hike in fuel prices: Transporters warn of wheel jam after Ramazan

By Bureau report
April 30, 2019

PESHAWAR: All Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Goods Transport and Adda Owners Federation on Monday warned of observing wheel jam strike throughout the country after the holy month of Ramazan if the government did not withdraw the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel.

The announcement was made during a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club. The representatives of both organisations declared that it was impossible for them to continue the transport business in such a situation.

Flanked by supporters, the provincial chairman of the body, Haji Liaqat, vice-president Syed Jamal Afridi, general secretary Sikandar and press secretary Haji Gul Naseeb said that more than 40 percent tractor trailers have stopped plying due to the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel.

Liaqat said the price of diesel per litre had reached Rs120. He said the transporters had to pay Rs300 to Rs500 at every stop from Wazirabad Gujranwala, Kamoke, Muridkay and Lahore and the officials usually increase the fines up to Rs1000 in case the drivers exchange any arguments with them.

Similarly, he said, heavy fines were being imposed upon them by the motorway police even despite the lawful weight on the way from Attock, Sanjani, Kamoki and GT Road, which they called an injustice.

He alleged the traffic wardens of Punjab issued them tickets even if the transporters had proper documents.The transporters representative said it was astonishing and deplorable to note that the permit fee in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was Rs16,000 while it was Rs5,000 in Punjab.

“This unjust fee has forced the transporters to get a permit from Punjab instead of KP and this is causing billions of rupees loss to KP annually,” he added.

The transporters held the inefficient and corrupt officials in KP responsible for the ongoing injustices with them and the losses. They asked the government and National Accountability Bureau to hold investigations against what they alleged were corrupt officials in the transport sector.

Birds rescued

Heavy machinery of the Rescue 1122 was rushed to rescue birds stuck up at a tree on the Raza Shah Shaheed Road on Monday. An official of the Rescue 1122 said a local called for help after birds stuck up at a tree in the cantonment area after which rescue officials with heavy machinery were sent to the spot to rescue the birds. All the birds were rescued successfully.

Fire extinguished

A fire broke out at two separate places in the provincial metropolis on Monday that did not cause any casualty but caused damage. An official of the Rescue 1122 said the fire broke out at a petrol pump in Hussain Abad and another in the Asad Anwar Colony on Monday. The fire brigade of the Rescue 1122 put out both the fires after putting in hectic efforts.