Saturday June 25, 2022

Stern action ordered against sellers of adulterated milk

By our correspondents
January 03, 2017

LAHORE:  Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed that indiscriminate action should be continued against the elements involved in production and sale of substandard and unhygienic milk.

The CM said that production and sale of unhealthy milk is a heinous crime and those involved in this evil trade deserve no leniency. The chief minister, while issuing instructions to the provincial administration, said that effective measures should be continued for eliminating the heinous trade of substandard and unhygienic milk as those mixing harmful ingredients in milk are enemies of humanity.

He said that the mafia involved in adulteration in milk deserves the maximum punishment and it is the responsibility of the institutions concerned to deal with such elements with an iron hand.

He said that the elements involved in this evil business will be rooted out and will not only be imposed fine but also sent behind bars. The chief minister said that the heinous trade of substandard and adulterated milk in any form will be eradicated and no one will be allowed to play with the lives of children.

He said that deterrent action will be taken against the elements supplying or selling unhygienic milk and no mercy will be shown to those mixing harmful ingredients in packed or loose milk. The chief minister said that those poisoning the people in the name of milk are the worst enemies of the society. He said that the sources of supply of substandard, harmful and unhealthy milk will also be closed. He said that protection of the lives of people is his responsibility and no one will be allowed to sell poison in the name of milk.