• Imran Farooq’s widow in ICU, sons in foster care

      December 02, 2016
      Print : National

      LONDON: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) slain founder leader Dr Imran Farooq’s sons Alijaan, 11, and Wejdaan, 9, have been taken into foster care, causing fears that they may not be returned to their mother for a long time to come.

      Authorities at the Barnet Council acted after Shumaila Imran Farooq was admitted, a week ago, to the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital for undergoing treatment. She remains in critical care, according to a hospital source.

      Details received by this correspondent establish that Shumaila fell unconscious outside the school where her two sons study and broke her jaw, ribs and knees. She was at the school to pick up her sons.

      Local authority and hospital sources have confirmed to this correspondent that Shumaila was asked by the hospital to arrange for her sons to be looked after three weeks – for the period during which she will remain admitted to the hospital. A hospital source told that her breathing stopped twice over the weekend during the operation but she is in a stable condition now.

      Shumaila, who has no relatives in the UK but lives within walking distance to the homes of the MQM-London leadership, contacted the MQM-London leadership wondering if someone could take care of her sons for about three weeks. She didn’t receive any positive response from anyone and communicated the message to the hospital requesting delay in the operation till she would be able to find someone who would care for her young sons.

      A source told The News that the hospital authorities then informed the local authorities to involve social workers whose job is to look into circumstances surrounding vulnerable parents and children. It was decided that her children would be handed over to a local foster care unit until her treatment was completed.

      This isn’t for the first time that Shumaila has faced health related problems. Shumaila Imran Farooq’s health issues started after the assassination of her husband in London in September 2016 but her falling health situation has never made it to the news – until now – and all of this is related to various political factors and also the fact that detectives at the Scotland Yard have failed to bring to justice the killers of her husband.

      But now the matter is much more serious and has implications. Social workers are worried about Shumaila’s health and mental stability. Sources have said that she has been seen at the MQM’s public events – her pictures being made and circulated on media etc – but away from the media glare she has not been looked after and she has constantly battled with depression, anxiety and many other issues related to the on-going case of Dr Imran Farooq. 

      A source who has seen medical files on Shumaila told this scribe: “She has a tough life. She has coped well so far but there is a limit to everything. She has no one else to look after her. The MQM, the police and British and Pakistani governments have forgotten her and her sons.” The MQM-London has said that it regards the sacrifice made by Dr Imran Farooq and has been in touch with Shumaila throughout. A source said that the MQM-London was not aware that Shumaila Imran Farooq is in intensive care unit in the hospital.”



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