Friday July 19, 2024

IGP takes action against officer abuse, trainee recruits still concerned

By Shakeel Anjum
June 05, 2024
The Inspector General of Islamabad Police, Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi chairs a meeting on June 3, 2024. — Facebook/Islamabad Police
The Inspector General of Islamabad Police, Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi chairs a meeting on June 3, 2024. — Facebook/Islamabad Police

Islamabad:The chief of the federal capital police took significant action in response to an incident of humiliating behaviour towards lower-ranking officers. A video went viral showing an instructor physically mistreating a constable during drill training.

The Inspector General of Police, Islamabad, has suspended the instructor and closed the line headquarters, according to a police spokesman. The video, which circulated widely, showed a drill instructor physically abusing a young police officer in front of other trainees, apparently without cause. The IGP took immediate action, suspending the instructor to restore confidence, the spokesman reported.

However, a critical viewpoint suggests that while the IGP Islamabad has taken a firm stance against the instructor's behaviour, the systemic issue of senior officers mistreating their subordinates has not been addressed. The constable's attempted suicide has been largely overlooked, and the investigation report has allegedly been shelved due to the influence of a senior officer. This perspective raises questions about the IGP's commitment to protecting the dignity and rights of his subordinates.

Expressing similar sentiments, lower-ranking officers in Islamabad and trainee recruits lodged an oral complaint with this scribe. They highlighted the challenge of embracing merit-based opportunities over favouritism, emphasizing that young individuals who join the police force are dedicated to eradicating lawlessness and upholding human rights.

However, they have faced humiliation, disrespect, and violence from their superiors during training. This treatment, they argue, contradicts the values they sought to uphold and contribute to a culture of abuse within the police force.

If individuals who join the police with the intention of upholding the law experience violence and disrespect from their own command, it may lead them to regret their decision. This behaviour, along with alleged servitude to government or political interests rather than to the state, forms the basis of the "Thana Culture." Despite these challenges, they commended the IGP Islamabad's swift response to the incident, recognising the immediate notice taken and the suspension of the instructor.