Friday September 22, 2023

Developing better institutions

September 19, 2023

Given the institutional and organizational turbulence Pakistan has been facing for decades, it is a matter of great satisfaction when one sees an example of the system working as intended. The Supreme Court now has a new chief justice as per the rules and procedures of the SC defined in the constitution. Anything happening within the ambit of the constitution will automatically induce balance in governance and will take the country closer to objectivity in rule and governance. The individuals who take the helm have many essential responsibilities on their shoulders. Their most important duty is to make their organization independent, responsible and accountable to the people.

One of our main weaknesses as a nation is that we always look for larger than life personalities and their arbitrary decisions to steer us out of crises, rather than looking to strengthen our institutions. The shift from personality cults towards increased trust and reliance in the institutions themselves is a much-needed paradigm shift. Personalities come and go but institutions are a constant.

Anas A Khan