Friday September 29, 2023

Fake jobs

June 10, 2023

Unemployment is a pressing issue in Pakistan and many turn to online platforms in search of employment opportunities. However, this new era of online job hunting has also given rise to a troubling trend of fake job schemes, which prey on the desperation of job seekers. These schemes, often found on social-media platforms, come in various forms, including fake job advertisements, fraudulent company profiles, scam interviews and requests for payment as processing fees. Unfortunately, victims invest their time, effort and savings into pursuing these fraudulent opportunities, only to realize they have been deceived. This worsens their financial situation and erodes their trust in genuine job prospects.To address this issue effectively, both the government and social media platforms must take decisive action. The government should implement stringent regulations and collaborate with law-enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend scammers. Social media platforms need to intensify their efforts to promptly identify and remove fraudulent job postings and profiles. In addition, it is crucial to conduct public awareness campaigns to educate job seekers about fake job schemes and how to protect themselves.

Muhammad Hassan Raza