Wednesday October 04, 2023

Humiliation of women, HR violations: Allegations against police, prison authorities baseless, says IG

By Our Correspondent
May 31, 2023

LAHORE: All allegations leveled against the police and prison authorities regarding the humiliation of women and violation of human rights through social media are baseless and contrary to the facts.

The IG Punjab Dr Usman Anwer along with IG Jails stated this while holding a press conference here on Tuesday. They said that the aim of baseless allegations is to discredit national institutions at the international level.

IG Punjab said that any post, picture or video posted by social media influencers regarding women in the last few days has nothing to do with the incident of May 9. He said that all these posts are based on old incidents that happened in the past years, on which legal action has been taken against those responsible persons.

IG showed screenshots of old posts and videos on social media linked to May 9, told the incidents details and the police action taken on them. He said there are cameras inside, outside and lock-ups of all police stations and these places are being monitored by CCTV 24 hours. Similarly, there are around 150 cameras inside the jail.

IG Punjab said that no man has ever interrogated a woman except lady officer and full attention has been paid to the observance of human rights during the investigation. He said even today there is a propaganda that the women who got bail have scars or wounds on their bodies, which is completely false. He said that if there is an incident of rape or humiliation of any woman, we will be responsible for it.

He said that we have responded to every propaganda from the Zille Shah case till today and presented factual details to the public. There are gynecologists and psychologists inside the jail. He said how long will these people resort to lies and how long will they keep deleting their tweets.

He said that we should be ready to answer the questions and reservations of all the compatriots, especially the doctors. He said that if anyone thinks that the police or any other agency destroyed their own national heritage, they need to correct themselves. He said that he is ready to answer every incident from Zille Shah’s death till May 9.

About the arrests made in the context of May 9, IG Punjab said that the accused involved in the mischief at Jinnah House have been arrested after a comprehensive process of identity verification.

Elaborating further, IG Punjab said that the arrests and identification of the miscreants made in the light of the photographs, videos of the incident, safe city cameras, cameras of various agencies, CTD and special branch reports, identification from Nadra, geo-fencing of mobile phones, videos uploaded by the accused on social media, and the facts that came to light during the investigation. He said that all the elements involved in this conspiracy have been identified.

SSP Investigation Lahore said that 13 of the women detained in Punjab are in Lahore while two are in Rawalpindi. She said that women have been kept in a completely safe environment inside the jail where no man can go. She said that medicine has been given to Khadija Shah for asthma.