Tuesday June 06, 2023

Public bemoans price hike on 1st Ramazan

March 24, 2023

Rawalpindi: The start of Ramazan witnessed unprecedented hike in prices of food items particularly fruits as the local authorities have failed to check the profiteers and hoarders.

Local authorities have also failed to set up Ramazan Sasta Bazaars depriving the citizens of any relief during the holy month. Dates were selling at different prices from Rs600 to Rs1200 per kilogram. One kilogram ‘basin’ was being sold at Rs260 to Rs300 in the open market while in government-run stores at Rs240 per kilogram. The ‘lemon’ was selling at Rs320 per kilogram against Rs100.

‘The News’ conducted a survey that on 1st Ramazan, one dozen banana was selling at Rs500 against Rs200, guava was selling at Rs400 against Rs150, very low-quality apple was selling at Rs300 against Rs200, strawberry was selling at Rs300 against Rs200 and one-kilogram melon was selling at Rs200 against Rs100. Prices of vegetables have increased as well. The Utility Store Corporation (USC) was the last ray of hope at the time but there was nothing in government-run stores for the poor man now. Some items like ‘Rooh Afza’ and other items were being sold at skyrocketing prices in government-run stores than in open market shops. One litre bottle of ‘Rooh Afza’ was selling at Rs540 here in government-run stores but at Rs499 in the open market.

Purchasing sugar, ghe­e/cooking oil, ‘atta’, rice, beef, mutton, chicken, and even pulses is a big dream for the public. If the sitting government not considered public-related issues it will face the music in upcoming elections, people warned.