Monday March 27, 2023

Unchecked commercial activities

By Our Correspondent
January 29, 2023

Rawalpindi: Commercial establishments are functioning out of residences in several localities of the city. Once serene residential neighborhoods, now host a number of commercial and institutional establishments that cause noise pollution in the area.

“Let us take the case of Faisal Colon and Fazal Town streets along Old Airport Road. People operate several commercial institutions from these primarily residential localities, which have no infrastructural support for commercial establishments. There is no designated parking space,” says Hasan Sadiq. “Who wouldn’t enjoy a supermarket next door? After all, it reduces commute time, but the point is — does the infrastructure support such a change of land use? Are the roads wide enough for parking? Is the sewage system designed for heavy usage,” questions Nafees Zaidi.

“Law violations are rampant in the city, and how it affects citizens, everybody knows. Nevertheless, why is it so easy to flout rules regarding land use? Where is the system broken,” says Ali Shanawar. “The usual pattern generally starts with a restaurant or any other commercial establishment that operates from a house in a primary residential locality. They enter into a residential locality by offering a high rental. Who is to blame for this,” says Faisal Naqvi.