Tuesday February 07, 2023

Civic admin remains in deep slumber

January 15, 2023

RAWALPINDI : Generally, Rawalpindi has a long tale of civic woes. However, the service road running along the old airport road where houses, schools, banks, and businesses are located has a new story to tell.

“I do not know who has dredged out the storm water drain near my house and left a mound of filth, muck, crushed plastic cups, and assorted debris on the edge of the road. Each time it rained, some of the muck got washed right back into my house,” says Tabish Alvi.

“It is an eyesore and an assault on senses. Hundreds of citizens walk or drive past, even park next to the pile of rubbish. It is a danger zone. Particularly in the late evenings and nights, when there is no power and no streetlights,” adds Tabish.

“There are a few medical clinics across the road. I noticed a pile of garbage lying along the pavement outside them. It compels people to wear facemasks when entering the clinics,” says Nadeem Hussain.

“I complained about the broken parts of the road and the civic workers have recently repaired them. The quick response impressed me. However, my complaint about the dig-up storm water drain remains unattended,” says Mohsin Reza.

“I called the concerned department. After getting no response, I decided to visit the department personally. When I reached there, a person at the information desk told me to see a certain officer. When I contacted him, the particular officer directed me to contact his boss. The boss asked me to contact the supervisor. This was becoming a farce,” says Samar Ali.

“Because of all the noise, I was making, an elderly employee, in uniform, turned up, and declared he was the “supervisor in charge of the area” and promised that the muck would be cleared on Sunday. No one came on Sunday or on subsequent two Sundays,” adds Samar.

“I came down with a bad viral fever and remained bedridden for a week. I lost two weeks’ productive work, my daughter had to abandon her school function, to look after me, as I could not move, and my joints stood paralysed,” says Majid Zaidi. “I wrote to the CEO, regarding un-cleared garbage causing health hazards. I did not get an acknowledgment. For that reason, I prepared an advertisement asking the officials of the concerned department to clear the mound of garbage, spreading ailments. The ad had a caption, “How about preventing widespread diseases, caused by city authorities’ callousness,” says Zamir Haider.

“However, some residents of my area opposed my plan. Even today, that mound of garbage is staring at my face. Leaving a pile of stinking rubbish is a health hazard, which affects a number of people.

Rotting garbage can endanger the health of thousands who pass this way daily,” adds Zamir.