Tuesday February 07, 2023

‘Amicable settlement of disputes creates harmony in society’

December 01, 2022

Islamabad : Amicable Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an Islamic concept that urges for amicable settlement of disputes, as it creates harmony in society, said Chief Justice Federal Shariat Court Dr. Syed Muhammad Anwar, while addressing the closing ceremony of the three-day ADR training sessions as a chief guest.

He said that Islam urges the settlement of disputes before taking them to a court of law. "The conflict and the litigation are somewhat destructive for the relations," he said adding that compromise builds relations.

Chief Justice resolved that the initiative of Legal Aid & Justice Authority (LAJA) in collaboration with its partners will not be one time. "Instead, with the support and supervision of the Federal Shariat Court, it will become a permanent and regular feature of LAJA’s activities and Federal Shariat Court having its jurisdiction; will support these initiatives across the country." Chief Justice also appreciated IG Islamabad Police for making Dispute Resolution Teams, for the purpose of resolving issues in Police Stations before taking that to the courts which will prove helpful in minimizing the burden on the courts and to cope with the backlog of cases. It will also help the police to do its work of policing in better way.

DG Legal Aid and Justice Authority (LAJA), Dr. Raheem Awan while addressing the conference said that the expeditious and inexpensive justice is the right of every citizen guaranteed by the constitution of Pakistan.

"Sometimes provision of justice is synonymies with the provision of justice through courts. However, the provision of justice is not only the responsibility of the court but also a constitutional obligation of the state. So, all of the justice stakeholders are required to play their role to discharge this constitutional obligation. The increasing backlog of cases with very high judge-to-case and judge-to population ratio necessitates for trying other methods of the dispensation of justice.