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Meghan Markle and Brad Pitt's teacher reveals interesting things about them

Brad Pitt and Meghan Markle learnt acting from the same acting coach

By Web Desk
August 12, 2022
Meghan Markle and Brad Pitts teacher reveals interesting things about them

Acting Coach Margie Haber, who helped Megan Markle and Brad Pitt break into Hollywood, has shared interesting things about the pair.

Reflecting on teaching Brad and Meghan, Haber said: "We never know what people are going to become, do we?"

Ms Haber told InStyle that she taught Meghan auditioning before the actress-turned-duchess landed Suits.

She added: "It was just before Suits and I was teaching auditioning for film and television, so she was in class for that. She was a really nice person, who was a really good actress and I just helped her create … but didn't know what she would become later in life!"

Margie Haber said she knew Brad Pitt would become a star: "I knew he'd become a star. It's one thing being adorable and sexy, but he had an air of confidence and a twinkle in his eyes that was irresistible."

She gushed over the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor, saying: When I met Brad, he made me feel special. He charmed me with his smile, openness and trust. We worked on Thelma & Louise and the scene where he spins the hairdryer in the motel. We spent hours working on the relationship between his character and Louise, to ensure he wasn't the villain on-screen.