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Jennifer Lopez faces accusations from former co-star Ryan Guzman’s ex

Ryan Guzman’s ex accuses Jennifer Lopez of forcing boyfriend to act single for promotion

By Web Desk
April 19, 2024
Jennifer Lopez accused by former co-star Ryan Guzman’s ex girlfriend Melanie Iglesias

Jennifer Lopez has been accused by her former co-star Ryan Guzman’s ex girlfriend Melanie Iglesias of forcing the actor to look single to promote their 2015 film, The Boy Next Door.

“She made my ex, oh my God, pretend that he was single to promote the movie,” the Maxim model accused the superstar in a recent episode of the No Chaser podcast.

“The publicists, both of them, called me … so they were at afterparties together, like, holding hands and stuff to promote this.”

Even though Iglesias, 36, did not name drop Guzman, also 36, she was in a relationship with the Texas-native actor at the same time that he was busy promoting his movie with Lopez, now 54.

Before the movie’s release in January 2015, the co-stars were spotted getting close at a Golden Globes after-party, which coincides with Iglesias’ claims.

“At one point, Ryan moved back on the couch and then he put his arm around Jennifer,” a source reported at the time, adding, “They also left together.”

“It was just, like, that sucks,” Iglesias reflected on the situation on the podcast.

She also recalled when Lopez played coy about whether Guzman had a girlfriend in real life or not, when asked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“We friggin’ met. What do you mean you don’t know if he had a girlfriend? We met. You squeezed the s–t out of my hand. I’m still black and blue,” Iglesias said.