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Monarchy heading for extinction?

Omid Scobie seemingly fans the flames of ongoing feud between the Sussexes and the royal family

November 29, 2023
Prince William and King Charles are said to be at loggerheads
Prince William and King Charles are said to be at loggerheads

Journalist and author Omid Scobie, who's known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's friend, has tried to explain how the monarchy is heading for extinction.

In his latest bombshell book "Endgame", Harry and Meghan's biographer Scobie seemingly fans the flames of ongoing feud of the Sussexes with their royal relatives.

The author, according to a journalist, appeared depicting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as royal martyrs who were forced to dish the dirt because King Charles refused to apologise for their alleged ill-treatment behind Palace walls.

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Scobie, in the book which released on Tuesday, did not hesitate to accept the fact that Prince William will become the King, but he found nothing to be praiseworthy about him.

The author even presents the Prince of Wales as "hotheaded", scheming and attention-seeking personality. He even went on claiming that William and Charles are at loggerheads. 

The author did not stop here, adding that William's reign to end monarchy, trying to build an impression as he won't be able to save the  monarchy, suggesting as The Firm is heading its end. 

In his new scathing attack, Scobie - who's being dubbed as Meghan Markle's "mouthpiece" - has also claimed that William could be the last King 'as we know it'.

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He spoke to an unnamed source who reportedly claimed that Prince William views his dad as a "transitional monarch".

However, William's friends and some royal experts have lashed out at Omid Scobie for his controversial claims about the the royal family. Some royal fans also expressed their anger over the author's prediction about the future of the monarchy.