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Matthew McConaughey shares how he calms his nerves when feeling anxious

Matthew McConaughey dishes out valuable life lesson that he still uses to this day

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September 15, 2023

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Matthew McConaughey has recently shared significant life lesson on keeping himself calm when feeling nervous or anxious.

Speaking to Today, Matthew, who is busy promoting his new children book Just Because, recalled appearing on a talk show in the mid-90s.

Matthew revealed he was preparing for the show when the show’s host Jay Leno came up to him and said, “You nervous?” and the actor replied, “I go, Yeah.”

Jay then suggested the actor a phrase to calm his nerves down at the time.

The Interstellar actor stated, “Just want to be here,” which he still uses to this day.

“I remind myself of that all the time, ‘Wherever you are, just want to be here.’ If you want to be where you are, you are kind of like: ‘Well great.’ It makes it easy,” said Matthew.

Matthew McConaughey shares how he calms his nerves when feeling anxious

The Sweet Home Alabama actor disclosed that he still gets nervous but he takes it to his stride.

“If I don’t have those butterflies, then I get concerned,” he remarked.

Matthew noted, “Maybe I’m being complacent, maybe I’m being arrogant, maybe I’m trying to oversee the situation like: ‘I’m above this. I got this.’ Then I won’t be present.”

Meanwhile, the actor added that this was the foundation for his upcoming book, which is a collection of “life lessons that empowers readers, big and small, to celebrate how we are all full of possibility”.