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US slams MQM candidate Fakhrul Islam’s murder

- April 13, 2013 - Updated 840 PKT - From Web Edition

WASHINGTON: United States has strongly condemned the murder of MQM candidate, Fakhrul Islam for May 11 elections in Pakistan, Geo News reported.


Fakhrul Islam was targeted and brutally shot dead two days ago in Hyderabad.


Replying to question at the routine media briefing here, US spokesman Patrick Ventrell expressed his deep sympathy and sorrow over the murder of MQM candidate for a provincial assembly seat in Hyderabad in the upcoming general elections.


Patrick Ventrell said that US condemns the murder of election candidate Fakhrul Islam in Hyderabad and added that such violent incident would make the claims of peaceful and democratic Pakistan questionable.

Reader Comments
The us is interested because it seems that any time a moderate Muslim politician condemns radical islamists they are assassinated, leading to the conclusion that there are no moderate Muslims involved in politics.


Chengez K
thanks very much for your support....

Mr. Patrick is so concerned about the death of one Pakistani. Although killing Pakistanis by the dozens and calling them collateral damage on the other. Isn't it so confusing, at least apparently? They call it diplomacy in the new world order and it is called hypocracy in the real world order.

USA is the only country to condemn this brazen and cold-blooded murder of a political hopeful from the MQM. Until now, no political party has bothered to condemn it. Why should they? The MQM won Karachi and is holding it. Shame on Pakistani politicians who talk of brotherhood but in fact, one has to count their fingers before and after shaking hands with them. Salams

N Habib
I do not know why US Administration is concern on a single murder regardless of so many people are being killed in Karachi and so many are being tortured. US should tell us a single flag or party sybol in the MQM influence area. MQM do not tolerate political freedom and it has been established by the fact that no one can hoist a flag otherthan MQM in MQM influence area. Ibelieve that American people would not like this

Muhammad saleem Khan Allai
well that is Bad, the murder should be condemned. I wonder how come US is interested in something happened inside Pakistan and locally when similar incidents happening all the time in Karachi, Balochistan, NWFP and so on. They are trying to influence the election, I guess!!

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