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Lt Gen (Retd) Shahid Aziz regrets backing a dictator

February 24, 2013 - Updated 155 PKT
From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Lt. Gen. (Retd) Shahid Aziz, one of the protagonists of October 12, 1999 coup d'état, is ready to face conditional action under Article 6 of the Constitution, Geo News reported.


"All those who in one way or the other ravaged the country must face the charges of breaching the constitution including Musharraf and his followers", said Lt. Gen Shahid Aziz during an exclusive interview with Geo News reporter Aizaz Syed.


To a question, Aziz who had been former president General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf's right-hand back in the day, said he violated the constitution because he believed it was a rotten product of a system that reeked of corruption.


He said the rulers are giving the country a bloodbath under the cover of the constitution.


"I do not respect a constitution that allowed rulers to suck people's blood", Lt Gen Aziz added.


"A real constitution is a people's project. If it is not constituted by the public then it is not a constitution", he said.


He regretted supporting the dictator, but in the same breath justified his own actions as an attempt to bring about a change in the broader interest of the country.


“Alas! The one, whose lead I followed, changed himself. He also became a part of this decaying system”, a remorseful Aziz said.

Reader Comments
Most of the killers when caught show regrets of their actions but that does not mean anything this ex General and others like him do not deserve any sympathy.They will answer to Allah (SWT) for thousand of innocent lives of Lal Masjid incidents

Unfortunately, the country is populated with 'adha teetar, adha batair' like you. Pakistan suffers its pathetic condition because of undecided persons like you.

N Habib
Almighty God has given the right to all persons to express their sentiments when they feels repentance on the mistakes committed in there lives.Mr. Shah id Aziz you are great to disclose your sins openly before the nation.Your regrets are accepted.Would that now all those journals accept the inhuman,brutal and unjustified hanging of Mr.Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and reveal the full conspiracy made by journals in the so called murder case.

javed akhtar
Naya Jaal laya purana khilardi!!

Would that we, as a nation were not hypocrite then we had nothing to say against The Great Pervez Musharraf because after Pervez Musharraf the country and the nation are bleeding very badly but we as a nation are not ready to leave our Hypocrisy at all so we will have to face more worst cicumstances.

gen. Aziz should be court martial for leaking the secrets.

ali ahmed
Saudi Arabia
He was a public servant. What gave him the right to usurp the decision power of the public and take things into his own hands? He is guilty of the violating the constitution and should be dealt with accordingly.

Musharraf was an absolute military dictator for 8 years, supported by MQM and PML(Q), better known as Chaudhry league. Both parties then supported Zardari.So much for democracy. Musharraf in the long run was another Pinochet of Chile who eventually destroyed every institution including judiciary.Worst act he performed at the end by issuing infamous NRO which facilitated the return of Zardari & Nawaz Sharif that put Pakistan back on square one.

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