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President Zardari says Pakistan severely affected by Afghan war

- February 22, 2013 - Updated 1858 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari said Friday that Pakistan was severely affected by the Afghan war, adding that the three decade long war in Afghanistan could not establish peace.


Addressing the concluding session of the National Conference on Interfaith Harmony, President Zardari said he had been pleading with the international community that there was a need to adopt an approach of peace and reconciliation to tackle the menace of terrorism.


The president told those in attendance that there was a time when no one in Pakistan would consider becoming a suicide bomber as suicide was prohibited in Islam. According to the president, religion has been used as a weapon of war.

Reader Comments
Can he explain about the billions of dollars he took out of Pakistan and deposited in his swiss banks?This larg sum of poor country's wealth has apparently evaporated and God knows how much more of national resources have been drained by this parasite of the 21st century in the history of Pakstan.He must be thrown out alongwith his ANP,MQM AND FRIENDLY OPPOSITION who have been in power side by side.Pakistanis will have to take to their bloody streets, eventually.

Concerned citizen
United Kingdom
Pakistan has been seriously affectd but not Zardari, he keeps on doing what he has to do including multiplying his real estate.

- what you say may be true. but look at the billions you and your predecessor and your cronies made. poor may have died by the 10s of thousands but you came out the winner.

True Pakistani
I thought he will never realize that!

United Kingdom
I always feel shame when the word of president is used for this crook.

President Zardari is absolutely correct in saying that Pakistan has paid the heaviest penalty in someone else's war in Afghanistan. Not only since 2001 but since 1980s actions in Afghanistan in support of USA. For the last 30 years Pakistan has received nothing but massive destabilizing.

Pervaiz Lodhie
Pakistan is seriously affected by Zardari himself.

Muhammad Khan
United Kingdom
Pakistan is severely affected much more by Zardari than Afghanistan.

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