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Report reveals 10 kg explosive used in Quetta blast

- February 19, 2013 - Updated 2030 PKT - From Web Edition

QUETTA: The latest report from intelligence agencies into the investigation of Kirani Road bomb blast has concluded that explosives weighing only 10 kilograms were used in the blast but the impact of 1000 kilograms was created through addition of chemicals.


According to the report, chemicals including phosphorus, aluminum and potassium were mixed with the explosives besides diesel, sugar and ammonium nitrate to cause many times larger impact that also damaged a number of surrounding buildings.


Most of the deaths were caused by the people's getting trapped under the debris and eruption of fire that made the bodies unidentifiable.


Explosives of this kind were earlier used in blasts at Islamabad Marriot Hotel, FIA Lahore office, and Karachi CID building.


The report further said that the tanker used in the blast was prepared at a workshop in Hazar Ganji area while the explosives were supplied from Waris Chemicals located at Akbari Mandi, Lahore.


It said that chemical detectors do not have the capacity to detect materials like fertilizers and that it was not feasible to stop chemical shipments being transported in a variety of forms and shapes.


Due to water shortage in Hazara Town, almost 100 to 120 water tankers enter and leave the area which makes it difficult to scan each and every single tanker, the report said.

Reader Comments
I want to say something to this ignorant who is making comments from USA regarding Pathans, first of all we are Pushtoons and not pathans, Pathan may be somebody from his forefathers, secondly, we are liberal people and we never give importance to Mullahs as they are the ones who eat our left over bread. Pukhtoons are peace loving people and those who did this, are from jhang Punjab.

Every pathan doesnot support extremism rather pathans condemn killing of innocent humans.

Change of mind is must. For both Sunny and Shia extremists. What kind of religion allows killing of innocent humans? Especially Hazaras who are peaceful of all in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

what makes u think they were pathans Mr.amin? by the way, tall words coming from a person sitting safely in usa thinking he knows who did it and then painting a whole race as a bunch of extremists.

Amin Saheb; Its not about Pathan, Punjabi etc.. There are Punjabi Talibans, there are Mafias in Karachi (supported by all the major parties) which are available on rent to do these activities and there are Dacoits in interior. So lets not be part of who creat "TAFFARKA"..

@ amin ahmad - What the hell are you talking about? Who doesn't know that targeting shias is done by LeJhangvi? Is LeJ a Pathan-dominated organisation? Think twice before you say something like this again.

Saudi Arabia
Why is Rehman Malik not being held accountable to this date for his continuous Failures and incompetence to hold his portfolio. The incompetence of such ministers is much sought after by the enemies of Pakistan. Rehman Malik does not have the calibre to take up such a sensitive responsibility. This man is ruining Pakistan along with Asif Zardari.

Pro Pakistan
meray pathan bhayon, ab apna type ka islam baqi logon p musalat na kero. ek wqt na ajay jab ap logon ko backfire bohot buri terhan se face kerna per jay.

amin ahmed
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