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Amendment for Seraiki province on cards

- March 03, 2012 - Updated 1220 PKT - From Web Edition

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that Senate elections have been amicably conducted, adding that the government would table the budget for the fiscal year 2012-2013 in May.


Talking to media after the inaugural ceremony of Pakistan air university in Multan, the prime minister said that there is not a single political prisoner in the country. He said that the government believes in the independence of media, judiciary and other institutions.


Replying a question regarding foreign relations, Gilani said that Pakistan has been facing ups and downs in relationship with the United States. He said that the government would hold ties with Iran according to our own interests.


PM said that Seraiki province is a demand of the people and the government will bring amendment in this regard. He said that no conspiracy would be allowed against Seraiki province.


On economic situation, Gilani said that the government wants to facilitate the people of Pakistan under all the possible resources available, adding that the petroleum prices depend upon the international prices.

Reader Comments
As per my opinion if southern punjab made pronvince on base of language, its environment will become as karachi and Sindh areas. So if made province on base of adminstration not on language then the new province succeed.

Multan , Bahawalpur landlords are always in top government, what they did for this region? Shame to irritate linguistic movement just for the cause of making his son chief minister of new province. PPP wants to turn this most peaceful region into Karachi like MQM did ;and break away Pakistan one more time.Administrative units is a sensible thought/

Akmal Bajwa
Make every local government a province without governors and cabinets. Eliminate duplication of functions and overstepping of toes. We cannot afford unstoppable greed of "Rulers without heart for ruled".

In Multan and Bahawalpur, Punjabis are also there. If province is made based on language, we will see happening fights between sirakis and Punjabi in this area as we see fight in Karachi. Provinces should be made based on administrative plan not the language based. Big landlords in serakee are the actual people responsible for backward of this area as these landlords are always in power.

- don't give the poor CLEAN DRINKING WATER, give them more provinces. don't give them PURE MILK' give the more constitutional amendments. don't give the poor unadulterated FOOD, give them some senate elctions . . .

Noor Kamal
Could anyone from the "brains" behind this idea, explain as to how a new province will bring prosperity? If they can, we should've as many provinces as possible

Adeel Bajwa
The more the provinces, more assemblies, more MPAs, more buden on the people for the benfit of the ruling class. Great for the ruling class.

United Kingdom
Hazara pepole are also asking for seperate provence. Because PM belongs to Seraiki so it will be done

ijaz Mir
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