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Time to act on Haqqani menace: Musharraf

- September 23, 2011 - Updated 2244 PKT - From Web Edition

KARACHI: Former army chief General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf has said that Pak-US relations have reached a critical stage and it’s time Pakistan took a decisive action in this regard.


Speaking exclusively to Geo News on Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath, Musharraf said that the time has come for the army and ISI to come down the fence and decide to take or not to take action against Haqqani network.


Otherwise, things may take a turn for worse, he said, adding indecisiveness is not going to help the situation at all.


Musharraf went on to say that Pakistan should boldly take US into confidence on what’s its (Pakistan's) take on the issue. They must tell Washington whether they want to bust Haqqani network, he said, adding, even if they don’t want to then what is stopping them form doing it must be conveyed to US.

Reader Comments
It is time to stop playing game Pakistan Government, that is hurting both nation PAk and Afghanistan, also please wake up don't dream more about Afghanistan to governing in that is finished please pay attention to your country and stop Killing Muslim in both country, otherwise you will suffer the same as Iraq, Palestine and Libya. Please stop stop stop 2D Politician.

If we look at the history we will find the fact that any muslim country which claimed to be the friend of USA had suffered a lot. similar is the case with USA friendly regimes in different muslim countries. We must make it clear to USA that enough is enough otherwise the result will be detrimental for us because going for an operation in North waziristan will hurt our alraedy hurted national unity to the last extent from where the recovery will be very difficult.

Taimoor Afridi
wElL hE is a gOod man but On this OcCassiOn, hE is wrOng.. thE drunkEd supEr-pOwEr thinks its thE Only might, but i bEliEvE thEy nEvEr cOrrEctly EstimatEd pakistan army and pathans..

lalay ki jan
Well Gen Musharraf, thank you for your advice, which is not needed. Tthanks God, we have our Gen Kiyani, COAS, who is not unaware of what is happening and he is fully alive to retaliate any threat. All Nation is behind him. Meanwhike, Sir you please let the Nation know wherefrom you got so much Money to own billions of Dollars worth properties in Pakistan & abroad. Why it was necessary for you to gift your properties, in Pakistan, in your wife’s name?

Gorg Rehman
I don't know why the Pakistani govt has decided to kill innocent people of both countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. I think, it is better for Pak to make a decisive decision about Taliban and Haqani Network, otherwise Pak would not have the chance to regret for what it is doing.

Raz Mohammad
I think MR.Musaraf never read history. One who read history would think at least ten times and have great discussions with the wise and old ones before making any agreement with the British or the Americans.Being a military general how he could have been conceived the Sep.11 attacks was the handiwork of Osama.His reactions to the demands of the US was like a true lover ready to give everything and very now.

taj mohammad
seeds of destruction was sowed during Zia time when we got involved in we are reaping the law and order,economy going anarchy

ali ahmed
Saudi Arabia
world listen to, chinese leadership listen to, turkish leader listen to shah abdullah listen to, he lecture on global solutions, academics listen to. what else. it does not matter if some fools kept their senses asleep. if wake up see his wisdom between the lines not just headline.

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