Monday September 26, 2022

Police commandos, snipers part of Muharram security plan

August 08, 2022

The Sindh police department has devised a comprehensive security plan for the Muharramul Haram, especially for 9th and 10th Muharram, and deployed police commandos and snipers as part of the security measures.

Officials said on Sunday Sindh police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon recently held a meeting with his subordinates, including Karachi Additional IG Jawed Alam Odho, and discussed the security measures adopted for Muharram. Moreover, the IGP issued directives for effective policing and deployments at key positions so as to avert any possible threat.

Karachi police chief Odho has devised a security plan for Muharram and ordered his subordinates to adopt extra security measures during processions. Officials said that on 9th Muharram, a Khamosh Alam procession would be taken out after a Majalis at the Nishtar Park and it would go to Anjuman Hussainian Iranian via Mehfil-e-Shah-e-Khurasan, Purani Numaish, MAJinnah Road, Mansfield Preedy Street, again MA Jinnah Road, Boulton Market, Bombay Bazaar, Nawab Mohabbat Khanjee Road, and Imambargah Hussainian Iranian, Kharadar.

On 10th Muharram, a Majalis will be held at Nishtar Park, and thereafter at about 8am, the main procession will leave for Imambargah Hussainian Iranian via the route designated for 9th Muharram.

The officials discussed and adopted extra security measures considering threat perceptions about the placing and planting of any subversive material inside mosques or Imambarghas and venues of Majalis as well as along the route of processions, especially in abandoned buildings.

The Sindh police chief also told his subordinates that the principal object of the uniformed police detailed in this security order would be to ensure the safety of human lives, maintenance of law and order, the security of public and private property, smooth and peaceful conduct of all mourning processions, and to deal with any emergency or terrorist activity.

The DIGs of East and South Ranges, assisted by district and divisional SSPs, SDPOs and SHOs and the force detailed in the plan would be overall in charge of the security arrangements in their respective jurisdictions.

Special measures

The officials deployed for security duty have been directed to ensure security and safety of the lives and properties of mourners as well as members of the public. The implementation of these measures in letter and spirit can only be ensured by thorough briefings of staff, which should be done at the lowest level by the SSPs, SDPOs and SHOs.

Officials said the personnel deployed on security duty were also directed that entry be confined to the main door and all other gates be kept closed and locked. Male and female volunteers will be detailed to identify any suspicious character or unfamiliar faces.

People entering with bags, briefcases or shoppers shall be requested to allow a search and any unfamiliar person or strangers coming inside Imambargahs and mosques or to attend a Majlis may be recognized and spotted. Moreover, the sweeping of the route of processions as well as effective cordoning will be ensured and no spectator should be allowed along the routes of the processions. High-rise buildings along the route will be searched and guarded by armed policemen.

Main objective

Officials said the main objective is to ensure that there is no breach of peace and that the processions pass smoothly and peacefully.

The DIG South will provide mobile protection to bus convoys going to the various localities in the city after the termination of the procession. The identification and getting duty stickers and passes for the drivers of the voluntary vehicles and mobile sabeels will be the responsibility of the organisers. The officials on duty will check their identities accordingly.

The SHOs have been told to collect advance intelligence about any tension and will communicate same to senior officers immediately for taking precautionary measures. The Traffic Karachi DIG has been requested to depute officers and men to control traffic and this work will not be allowed to be done by the volunteers of the procession under any circumstances. While accompanying the procession, the officers and men should remain alert and conduct themselves in a disciplined manner.

They should also see that no irresponsible remark is passed either from the crowd or by passers-by which can hurt the religious sentiments of various sects.

Moreover, the officers and men must know that the processions will be of a religious nature and therefore no sect will be allowed to play with the sentiments of the others. The personnel will be very polite, courteous but firm in their dealings.