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Imran expects election news in eight weeks

Imran Khan gave Dr Yasmin Rashid two-week time to carry out the party reorganisation process, says sources

By News Desk & Our Correspondent
August 01, 2022
Imran expects election news in eight weeks

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan Sunday said that he was aware of those playing a cat and mouse game with the party, but he would not want to name anybody at this stage.

The PTI chief chaired a meeting of Members of the Punjab Assembly (MPAs) here and asked them to get ready for the general election, as an announcement in this regard could come at any time in six to eight weeks. He tasked them to make preparations for the next elections.

Sources said Imran Khan gave Dr Yasmin Rashid two-week time to carry out the party reorganisation process.

Separately, former premier Imran Khan met Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and former federal minister Moonis Elahi at the Chief Minister’s Office on Sunday and discussed matters of mutual interest, political situation, administrative affairs of Punjab and law and order situation.

Steps to provide relief to the people of the province were also discussed during the meeting. Imran Khan congratulated Ch Pervaiz Elahi and Moonis Elahi on the complete eradication of an unconstitutional and unlawful government in Punjab. The CM lauded the political prudence of Imran Khan for standing firmly and resolutely on his legitimate point of view against the political turncoats. He said that effective steps were being taken for maintaining law and order in the province during Muharram.

Imran asked for make utmost efforts to provide maximum relief to the people of Punjab. He asked for further expediting relief activities in the rain and flood-affected areas. The CM said Rs8 lakh financial support was being given each to the heirs of the deceased persons.

According to a source, Imran Khan and Pervaiz Elahi discussed formation of the provincial cabinet and other issues. Several names from the coalition parties, PTI and PMLQ, were shortlisted for the Punjab cabinet portfolios, added sources.

It was learnt that Raja Basharat could get the portfolio of the law ministry, Murad Raas education, Yasmin Rashid health department, while Hashim Jawan Bakht’s name was finalised for finance department. Mian Aslam Iqbal, Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed, Chaudhry Zaheeruddin, Hafiz Muhammad Mumtaz, Samiulllah Chaudhry, Sardar Asif, Hafiz Ammar Yasir, Yasir Humayun Raja, and Taimur Khan Bhatti will also get ministerial slots. Also, Muhammad Abdullah Warraich, Muhammad Rizwan, Sajid Ahmed Khan, Ahsanul Haq Chaudhry, and Khadija Omar will be added to the provincial cabinet as ministers.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan said it was time for the justice system to focus on notorious law-breakers and criminal elites. Presidents of important bar associations of the country held a special meeting with PTI Chairman Imran Khan and paid tribute to his foresight and Tehreek-e-Insaf’s efforts to uphold the Constitution and rule of law in the country.

On this occasion, deep concern was expressed over the hate campaign against the judges of the SC by the ruling political alliance. The meeting also discussed various dimensions of cooperation for survival and stability of the Constitution and democracy.

Imran said the rule of law was the key to the national development agenda. Tehreek-e-Insaf has been active in politics for the past 26 years for justice and fairness, the PTI chairman claimed. He noted that on March 8, the price of dollar was 178, which has now reached 250. The question is, who is responsible for this.

Also, PTI Chairman Imran Khan directed Senator Dr Sania Nishtar and former provincial minister Hashim Jawan Bakht in a meeting to lead the Ehsaas programme and implement it expeditiously in Punjab. The former premier regretted that the Hamza Shahbaz government in Punjab halted the splendid programme, which was meant to help the poor families. He said they overlooked the significant programme meant for welfare of the poor and impoverished segment of society.

Imran emphasised moving forward the Ehsaas programme, which was not only acknowledged in Pakistan but also at the international level. Dr Sania briefed Imran Khan briefing on implementation of the Ehsaas programme in Punjab.

Meanwhile, the ruling coalition in the Punjab Assembly passed a unanimous resolution seeking immediate resignation of Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sultan Sikandar Raja. The resolution also demanded resignation of all members of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and called for fresh formation of the commission. The resolution also demanded immediate election in the country. The resolution also condemned the ouster of PTI’s ‘legal government’ through an international conspiracy. “The political situation of the country has become uncertain due to this conspiracy,” said the resolution. It stated the ‘imported government’ ruined the economy and inflation was setting new records.

Meanwhile, the newly-elected Deputy Speaker Wasiq Qayyum Abbasi took oath of his office from Speaker PA Sibtain Khan. Moreover, the house also passed ‘The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab Secretariat Services Repeal and Revival Bill 2022’ for the second time.   


    Love Your Country commented 2 months ago

    So IK is saying no talk about election date now for the next two months. Good, let's get on with the work to fix the economy.

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    Love Your Country commented 2 months ago

    So IK is saying no talk about election date now for the next two months. Good, let's get on with the work to fix the economy.

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