Tuesday August 16, 2022

Poems for those who lost loved ones

July 02, 2022

The book titled ‘Payaray Log’ by Salma Khawja is a book of poems for those left behind. The poems are for those who have lost a loved one, be it a family member or a lifelong friend. The poems deal with themes of pain, anguish, agony, discomfort, distress, and suffering. Every person experiences grief in life and we must all come to terms with the inevitability that is death.

A beautiful book touches on subjects of sadness and sorrow. It tells how to make peace with losing someone precious to you. Death is inescapable and individuals must face it several times in their lives through the loss of others before finally facing death directly.

These poems express the mental state and sentiments of loss in such a beautiful way that it gives you a feeling of peace and serenity when reading them. The poems allow for a sense of peace in knowing these feelings are commonplace and you do not suffer through the loss alone.

The relief brought on by these sensations brings one a sense of inner peace and allows for the acceptance of what we all know to be unavoidable.

Salma truly did something remarkable with this book and it displays in her poem’s ability to be in contact with some of the most aching feelings a human being will experience in life. This book of poetry is something I feel all and sundry should read at least once in their lives.

The book is full of every kind of emotion someone might feel at any point in his or her life. It is swarming with thoughts, symbols, lessons, and tales of life in itself.

Together with beautiful poetry, this book has the stamp of a vocabulary that is not as widespread as it used to be. It is a nice reminder of how much more grave and profound language can be. Verses are an unbelievable outlet for feelings, reveries, views, and even ambitions.

‘Payaray Log’ does this at every turn of the page. This is one of those books, which have a timeless feel to it. Every poem can mean something new each year that passes by; there is much to learn from life, and having a book with reflections such as these is the need of time.

After reading ‘Payaray Log’, I was left with a feeling of deep appreciation yet complete envy. To be able to write like Salma will be a gift. I found my feelings expressed in someone else’s words. The verses were perfect; they made sense and were necessary to read.

The book has the cool factor and the work resembles the fluidity of verse that works best to appreciate life completely. Poems are deeply personal and possibly the most subjective form of the written craft.