Sunday February 05, 2023

Govt urged to reduce POL prices

By Our Correspondent
June 10, 2022

MANSEHRA: The former president of district bar association, Mushtaq Khan Swati advocate, has demanded the government to reduce the prices of the petroleum products to curtail the high inflation in the country.

“The highest surge in the prices of petroleum products triggered the highest ever inflation in the history of the country and if the government is sincere to address people’s food insecurity it should withdraw the recent raise in the fuel prices,” he told reporters here on Thursday.

He said the inflation had increased manifold since the coalition government came into power and the duration of electricity outages had hit 16 hours a day despite the recent increase in tariff. “The government should not bow to the International Monetary Fund and pass on the relief to the high inflation-hit people,” Swati said.

He added that around 80 percent of the population in the country was passing through a difficult time because of the wrong government policies and its inability to deal with the current situation.