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Literati praise Aziz Ejaz for contributions to Urdu literature

By Bureau report
May 28, 2022

PESHAWAR: Writers and literati on Friday praised senior poet Aziz Ejaz for contributing to Urdu literature with his simple diction and clarity of thoughts.

The Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) regional office and Halqa-i- Arbab Zauq had jointly arranged the gathering to acknowledge Aziz Ejaz’s work.

Prof Dr Nazeer Tabassum, a noted Urdu and Hindko poet and a recipient of the civil award, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, and PAL Resident Director Khan Badshah were present on the occasion.

Prof Yar Mohammad Maghmoom Khattak speaking was the chief guest while Prof Nasir Ali Syed chaired the event.

The speakers said that Aziz Ejaz’s poetry collections had earned gold medals from Abasin Arts Council.

Earlier, Prof Shakil Nayyab, an introduction to the poet and his contributions.

He said Ejaz’s poetry Urdu collections, including Pindar, Sarey Mosam Teray Naam, and Khawab aur Mosam were well received in the Urdu literary circles.

Serving as a TV drama producer, Aziz Ejaz during his 26 years had to credit top several plays and shows but drama serial titled ‘ Jhoot Ki Adat Nahein Muji’ in which noted stand–up comedian Ismail Shahid had played a central role was among PTV classics.

An Urdu and Hindko writer and poet, Bushra Farrukh, said that Aziz Ejaz’s poetry carried a substance that impressed readers because it had clarity and simple diction.

Prof Khalid Suhail Malik said that images in Ejaz’s poetry were not only impressive but also engaging as they transported the readers to ecstasy.

A Hindko poet and travelogue writer, Prof Malik Arshad Hussain, Shahida Sardar and Samina Qadir also spoke at the event.