Sunday May 29, 2022

Trade links

May 15, 2022

Ever since India abolished Kashmir’s special constitutional status in August 2019, trade ties between India and Pakistan have remained frozen. Resuming trade with India can contribute to mutual economic success. The country’s leaders have also talked favourably about the importance of trade commerce with India. It is true that many people will object to trade links with India as they think that this may affect the Kashmir cause. The support for Kashmir is founded on values, and it should be maintained. If trade relations with India improve, it may create more favourable conditions for the resumption of bilateral discussion and negotiations to resolve the decades-old Kashmir issue.

It is time we allowed the government to investigate the possibility of resuming trade, especially since it benefits the local economy. This can result in both economic revitalization and normalization of relations with India, which is unquestionably a better alternative than the current state of distrust in South Asia.

Muhammad Qasim Qaiser