Friday June 02, 2023

Foreign funding: Imran Khan used to praise the CEC he now reviles

By Our Correspondent
April 19, 2022
Photo: The News/File
Photo: The News/File

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan used to have full trust in the incumbent Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) and the Election Commission.

Ex-PM had always appreciated the role of the ECP and CEC when he was in the government. Interestingly, there is a video clip available on social media, wherein then PM Imran explains reasons to a journalist about the delay in the PTI foreign funding case. 

When the reporter asks him if it was not so that the scrutiny committee was previously pressurised and influenced, and this caused delay in the case, Imran said, “Look, there is another reason behind it. They (opposition) had their own/hand-picked chief election commissioner, who used to pose to be of PTI, but was the party’s biggest enemy and was playing his game with us and delaying the matter with mala fide intention.”

Then, Imran contended that this Election Commission now has our input as well as of the opposition and we have faith in it, as it was made mutually.