Monday May 16, 2022

Crimes against women

January 17, 2022

Women are integral members of society. Over the years, they have endured a lot to fit in this masculine world. Of these challenges, the biggest, perhaps, has been sexual harassment, which is prevalent even in liberal countries. More than 2000 cases of sexual harassment at workplaces were reported in 2021 alone, according to the Ministry of Human Rights. It is suggested that a large number of cases go unreported due to our oppressive culture where exposing sexual harassment raises questions of the victims themselves.

In light of such cases, it is essential to empower women and to give them the right to make their own decisions. This empowerment must begin at home. Parents and community leaders should act as role models and work to recognise and reform the cultural patterns of discrimination against women. There is also a great need to strengthen the role of women in society by giving them legal and financial security. An efficient process to allow women to make choices at all levels should be institutionalised.

Umme Rabbab